Stain Guard Age Stop

Stain Guard & Surface Protection



Color Glo is pleased to introduce our range of Age Stop Solutions for Leather, Vinyl, Cloths, Carpets, Hard Plastics and More. 

From our 40 years’ experience in colour restoration and repair, we know the trials and tribulations that finishes going through every day.  So to help protect and prolong the life of our customer’s finishes we have developed a range of superior products to combat the daily wear and tear culminating in the Age Stop by Color Glo Range

Color Glo has been restoring colour for 40 years.

So why would we want to slow down ageing? Well, it’s simple. The Color Glo ethos has for 40 years been to make our customers possessions last longer, increasing the lifespan you get from your investment. So to be able to increase that longevity from day one seemed to be the right thing to do.

Now we are not saying it will last forever or be “bullet” proof, but if your possession looks its best for longer and has a superior lifespan that would be good.

Color Glo will still be here to offer our restoration services but that much further down the road.

Using our 40 years’ experience in coatings, Color Glo has developed a water-based, environmentally friendly coating that will keep your finishes looking “Like New” for much much longer.

The Age Stop solution from Color Glo does more than stop fading.  In developing our solution we have looked at and developed a solution that provides UV protection, stain resistance (including ink & colour run) and additional wear, tear, scuff resistance.  When applied Age Stop from Color Glo will help retain that “Like New” look for much longer on your finishes. 

Loss of colour, fading and staining are a phenomenon we are all used to on our possessions. From walls, decking, furniture, carpets we all see the fading of the original colour precipitating over time.  With walls, decking and other timbers we re-paint or re-stain them. Alot of these finishes are easily cleaned. But red wine on your sofa or dye colour run on your leather is not so easy to get rid of.  So slowing down or stopping this fading and guarding against stains will keep these items looking “like new” for longer.

Color Glo has been working hard in our R&D centre in Minneapolis to develop a solution based on our 40 years experience of colour restoration solutions.

In the Home: Leather Vinyl Cloth Furniture, Draps & Carpets

In the Car: Seats, Dash, Trim, Carpets, Headliners, Soft Tops, Steering Wheels & Door Cards

Onboard a Boat: Seats, Dash, Trim, Carpets, Canopees, Steering Wheels, Deck and CabinTrim

Boutique: Bags, Jackets, Shoes, Boots and much more

Aircraft: Seats, Carpets, Trim

Commercial: Leather Vinyl Cloth Furniture, Draps & Carpets