Did you know that the vast majority of leather furniture sold in Ireland is what is known as “full finish”?  This means that there is a micro filament coating on the leather.  It is this coating that wears or gets damaged that causes the colour loss that you see.  At Color Glo we have researched and developed a range of products that allow us to mimic the factory finishing process to renew the colour on leather. 

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Color Glo offer an unrivaled range of services for the restoration and repair of your auto interior.  Our customers enjoy a saving of up to 75% on the cost of replacement. That is why we are the supplier of choice to Ireland’s largest automotive suppliers.

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Commercial Services


Commercial Work Examples

Hotels, Restaurants, Office Facilities, Hospitals, Color Glo provide a range of repair and restoration services to help our clients maintain their facilities to a like new standard. We have helped our clients get a much longer life span from their facility furniture and fittings.  Items that would have cost multiple amounts to replace and in a lot of cases would have caused major disruption to the facility function during any refurbishment. 

Color Glo have restored;

  • Furniture
  • Office and conference seating
  • Examination and medical seating
  • Baths, shower trays & sinks
  • PVC Windows and sills
  • Parquet and vinyl flooring
  • And much more


Time and use have taken their toll on your once beautiful boat. You may be considering buying brand new vinyl or plastic seating or even replacing  that great boat all together. Stop! There is another way!

Color Glo can restore all the interior of your beautiful and hard earned water craft. Whether it be vinyl, boat carpet or even hard plastic, we  can make the interior of your boat look new again. Who knows, you may even find our products make your boat look even better than new!

  • Seats and Beds

  • Boat tops

  • Engine enclosures

  • Mildew removal

  • Carpeting & More!

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Motorbike Leathers

Sometimes the only safe way to remove a motorbike after an accident is to cut it off.  A good suit protects you in an accident and is a sizeable investment. So being able to have it repaired is a service our customers love.  From small scuffs from minor incidents, to more severe damage from more serious incidents, at Color Glo we have repaired and restored them all.  We have customized suits that our customers love but just want a new look. Right up to full colour change.

Motorbike Suit Work