Color Glo Terms and Conditions of Service

Terms & Conditions

1. Color Glo is a trade name of Colour Renewal Limited
2. Color Glo is a registered trademark of Color Glo International
3. All work is undertaken subject to Color Glo terms and conditions.
4. All products and services are subject to VAT
5. Title to the goods does not pass until all outstanding amounts are paid by the client
6. Monthly Credit Accounts with Color Glo Ireland can only be commenced on completion of the relevant
Credit Control Application forms and acceptance in writing of completed forms by Color Glo Ireland.
7. Work carried out for account holders will be payable on the 15th day of the following month.
8. Standard prices may change without prior notification.
9. Receipts provided on request
10. It is accepted by the client that Color Glo and/or its agents have been engaged as a result of a fundamental
flaw in, damage to or excessive wear and tear to the item being repaired. It is understood that Color Glo
and/or its agents accordingly do not warrant that the item will be returned to a “ new” condition.
11. Due to the nature and differing characteristics of materials available on the market Color Glo cannot
guarantee that every repair will turn out to be completely invisible. Every effort will be made by the
Color Glo Technician to qualify as accurately as possible the likely end result of a repair being
12. Work carried out by Color Glo is subject to a limited warranty which excludes normal, abnormal
wear/tear that is to be expected in conjunction with the particular item being repaired/restored.
13. Standard Warranty period is for six months or as specified at the time of quotation.
14. The maximum liability of Color Glo and/or its agents in the event of unsatisfactory results and/or inability
to repair any item will be limited to the quoted fee less the standard call out charge in all cases.
15. Unpaid accounts will incur a surcharge of 1% per month compound on the due balance.
16. Work is subject to half the work value deposit before commencement at the discretion of Color Glo.
17. Contracts shall be governed under the laws of the Republic of Ireland
18. All inspection visits may be subject to a call out charge specified at the time of making an appointment