Boutique Services & Motorbike Suits

Leather Jackets, Bags, Purses, Cases, Motorbike Leathers, Boots, Shoes & so much more.

Whether it’s that favourite leather jacket that has lost its lustre and just needs some new life put back in it to your perfect fitting motorbike leathers that have gone through an unfortunate tumble, Color Glo have the answer for you.

We have not only repaired and restored all these items but have customized them for our customers also. Color Glo can change the colour of your bags, shoes, boots, jackets, motorbike suits and more.

Our products and systems mimic the factory finishing process using our in-house developed and ISO Certified products and systems.

Color Glo can repair scuffs, tears, cuts, holes, colour loss, fading, pretty much any of those things that ruin the look of that favourite leather piece of clothing or accessory.

Sometimes the only safe way to remove a motorbike after an accident is to cut it off.  A good suit protects you in an accident and is a sizeable investment. So being able to have it repaired is a service our customers love.  From small scuffs from minor incidents, to more severe damage from more serious incidents, at Color Glo we have repaired and restored them all.  We have customized suits that our customers love but just want a new look. Right up to full-colour change